Treatment Options For Chipped Tooth

Treatment Options for Chipped Tooth Accidents happen. And some accidents result in a chipped tooth. No matter where the chipped tooth is located, it must be evaluated by a dentist. A chipped tooth where the nerves get exposed can lead to infection and a lot of pain if not fixed. Most people are not able … Read more

Treating Coffee And Tea Stains – Glo Teeth Whitening

Treating Coffee, Coke and Tea Stains – Glo Teeth Whitening Your smile is the first thing that others note about you. A bright white smile is a sign of health and beauty. However, over time people may loose the natural luminescence of their teeth. And the teeth may appear yellow and dull. A leading cause … Read more

3 Reasons For Tooth Extractions

3 Reasons for Tooth Extractions As your dentist, our first goal is to protect your teeth. However, there are situations where tooth extractions become necessary to protect your overall health. There are three main reasons why you may need a tooth extraction. Let us look at each of them. A Tooth Is Damaged Beyond Repair … Read more

What To Do If Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out?

What To Do If Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out? Natural adult teeth are firmly set in the bone sockets in your mouth. However, they can be knocked out if you get hit on the face by a considerable force such as in an accident. This is called avulsed tooth. The knocked out tooth can be … Read more

What Not To Do in a Dental Emergency?

What Not To Do in a Dental Emergency? Dental Emergencies can happen anytime. Though dental emergencies are rarely life threatening, you need to go see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Some dental emergencies can be quite painful. Patients sometimes panic and want to do things which they should not and make the situation … Read more

2 Reasons Why You Need Denture Repairs

2 Reasons Why You Need Denture Repairs? Dentures are a part of life as people become old. More than 50% of Americans above 65 years of age wear dentures. They are made to be sturdy and durable. However, over time your dentures may need repairs. There are two main reasons why even the best made … Read more

Wisdom Tooth Removal After Care

Wisdom Tooth Removal After Care Most people need to get their wisdom teeth extracted at some point in their life. Wisdom teeth extraction is a dental surgery. Let us take a look at what are the after care steps for wisdom tooth removal. Immediately following a wisdom teeth extraction, you remain at the dentist office … Read more

2 Ways To Find A Dentist That Accepts Delta Dental in Pittsburgh

2 Ways To Find a Dentist that Accepts Delta Dental Insurance in Pittsburgh Delta Dental Insurance is one of the largest dental insurance providers in the country. Not surprisingly, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania is one of the top 10 insurance providers in the country. However, not all dentists accept insurance and many who accept insurance … Read more

Oral Hygiene Postpones Alzheimer’s

Good Oral Hygiene Postpones Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Researchers from University of Bergen have discovered that the onset of Alzheimer’s is tied with poor oral hygiene. Piotr Mydel who is a researcher at the Broegelmanns Research Laboratory, Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen (UiB) said … Read more


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