2 Ways To Find a Dentist that Accepts Delta Dental Insurance in Pittsburgh

Delta Dental Insurance is one of the largest dental insurance providers in the country. Not surprisingly, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania is one of the top 10 insurance providers in the country. However, not all dentists accept insurance and many who accept insurance may not be in-network with Delta Dental. To make things complicated, there are many different plans that Delta Dental offers and some dentists may accept only some of these plans. In this situation, how do you find a dentist that accepts delta dental insurance in Pittsburgh? 

Different plans that Delta Dental Offers

Delta Dental offers three main plans:

  • Delta Dental Premier plus PPO
  • Delta Dental PPO
  • Delta Dental USA

Check Whether the Dentist Accepts Your Delta Dental Plan

Method 1: Using Delta Dental Website (Preferred)

The different plans that Delta Dental offers allows you the ability to choose your dentist. However, to take full advantage of your insurance, you should choose a dentist who is in-network with your plan. You can check which dentist in your area accepts your Delta Dental plan by going to the Delta Dental Website and using Find a Dentist tool. This is the surefire way for getting a dentist who accepts your plan.

Method 2: Using Google Search

A lot of people now a days would go to Google and search “delta dental dentist near me” or “Delta dental dentist Pittsburgh” or “dentist near me that accept delta dental insurance” instead of using the delta dental website. Google would display a number of dentists based on your search term and location. Unfortunately, you will find that these Google results are not accurate.  Several dentists reported in the results would not be in-network with Delta Dental.  In this case, you have to go to each dentist’s website and look for insurances they accept. Because, this information may be outdated, it is important to call the dentist office to confirm that they accept you plan. There is one aspect that patients should be careful about. If a dentist office says that they work with your insurance, that generally means they are not in-network with your insurance. As a result, if you choose this dentist you will have to pay out of network fee to the dentist and they will file the claim for you to your insurance company as a courtesy. You can expect to pay substantial amount of fees in this case.

Once you have identified the dentists that accept your insurance, you should look at Google reviews for the dentist, their timings and distance from you. All this information is available easily through Google. Patient reviews are one of the quality signals for the dentist. Compared to most of the other platforms, Google makes sure that the reviews are provided by real patients and are not fake.   You want to choose a dentist that has got good reviews and is available at times when you can see her.

When people are searching for a trusted family dentist that accept Delta Dental Insurance in Pittsburgh, their search ends at Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel. We are the preferred Delta Dental provider in Pittsburgh. We are in-network with all three plans offered by Delta Dental. 


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