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If you are looking for a kind, trustworthy dentist in Pittsburgh for affordable dentures, then look no further.

If you are missing most or all of your teeth, you may have concerns about wearing dentures. Like many patients, you may picture old fashioned, ill-fitting restorations. At Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel, we offers highly advanced restorations that can exceed your expectations.

Our dentures are made from the highest-quality materials, so they are both beautiful and durable. They are also exceptionally comfortable, and are made to fit with exacting precision over your gums or dental implants.

How We Make Best Dentures?

We use advanced techniques and work with outstanding technicians to craft your customized dentures. Prior to their fabrication, we will utilize our State of the art “digital” panoramic x-ray system to obtain a comprehensive view of your entire oral structure. Then we will take detailed impressions of your gums and remaining teeth. Using these images to create your custom denture ensures that your new dentures fit comfortably and blend beautifully with your smile.

Immediate Dentures

When you have a tooth extraction performed, it’s sometimes possible to get a denture on the same day. This is known as an “immediate denture.” Not every patient is a candidate for immediate dentures, due to many factors regarding the reason for the extraction and the health of the gums and bone. If you’re interested in this option, discuss it with your dentist in Pittsburgh before having your tooth removed.

Traditional Dentures

We offer both full and partial traditional dentures in Pittsburgh. These restorations sit on a gum-colored plastic base, which fits over your alveolar ridge (the bone where your teeth used to be). Our dentures are made from the latest materials. They offer a life-like sparkle, and your dentist in Pittsburgh will select the color that looks most natural and matches any remaining teeth.

The artificial teeth in a denture may be made of composite resin (the same material that’s used in tooth-colored fillings and dental bonding) or porcelain. These are attached to a gum-colored base, which is custom-designed to fit comfortably in your mouth.


For those who are missing all of their teeth, full dentures are one option. A full denture replaces an entire arch, so a complete set would include both an upper and a lower denture. The full denture is usually held in place through suction between the denture plate and the gum tissue, which provides enough security for many people. Denture paste can be used to provide extra adherence for your comfort and confidence.


Partial dentures, sometimes called removable bridges, replace several adjacent teeth. (When only one tooth is missing, a fixed bridge or a dental implant would be more commonly used.) The partial denture is held in the mouth with metal clasps that fit around the remaining natural teeth. These clasps are carefully concealed for the most natural appearance. The denture can be easily removed for cleaning and while sleeping.


Metal free partial dentures are just that, they are partial dentures that do not contain any metal. The lack of metal is main reason people chose these partial dentures, whether it is esthetic reasons or metal sensitivity reasons.


At Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel, we proudly offer advanced implant-supported dentures. These restorations are the most stable type of denture available, and provide maximum durability and protection for your oral health. Schedule an Appointment with your dentures dentist in Pittsburgh to learn more about Implant Supported Dentures.


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Are Complete Dentures and Partials Covered By Insurance?

 Most insurance providers cover dentures and partials. We are in-network with many insurance providers. The price of dentures is also pre-set with the insurance providers at a discount. You are responsible for a co-pay depending upon the terms of you insurance.

What Are The Different Types of Denture Materials?

 There are two types of materials dentures are typically made of: 

Acrylic Resin: According to the National Institute of Health, acrylic resin, or plastic, has become the highest on-demand material for dentures. It fixes perfectly into the desired space. It is also the easiest material to adjust and is more comfortable for the patient.

Partial Metal Dentures: These dentures employ a metal base and are normally smaller than plastic or acrylic dentures. The smaller size makes them more adaptable and tolerable for the patient. High-quality resin or composite teeth are used to match the color of the dentures with the teeth. They do cost more than other dentures and are more labor-intensive. As it takes more time and skills to make them, they can cost 20 percent to 75 percent more than acrylic dentures, but their discreet profile gives them a great and natural look.

Is It Okay To Sleep With Removable Denture In Your Mouth?

It’s really not a good idea to sleep with removable dentures in your mouth. It’s best to take them out at night, clean them, and place them in a denture-safe solution.

If you regularly sleep with them in, you’re more likely to develop tongue and denture plaque, inflammation of the gums, or thrush.

Will It Be Difficult To Eat With New Dentures?

For a few weeks, eating with new dentures will simply feel a little strange. You may need to have an awareness of your mouth and chewing actions that you did not have before. But this strangeness will subside once you are familiar with the dental replacements. It is important to chew on both sides of the mouth, so that you become equally familiar with both sides of the dentures. For the most part, you should be able to eat the same things that you once did.

The exceptions are very hard and very sticky foods. For example, you may have to sacrifice things like hard toffees and candies, unless you are prepared to suck and not chew on them. Where possible, avoid chewing gum because it will pull at the dentures and may result in them coming loose at inconvenient times.  

How Long Can I Wear Dentures For?

Generally, dentures are only worn during the daytime. They are usually removed and left to rest in a cleaning solution overnight. This not only keeps them disinfected and free from bacteria, it also gives the mouth enough time to carry out its own maintenance processes. For example, while we sleep, gum tissue is allowed to rest and the tongue and saliva work to clear the mouth of debris and dirt. Even if you wear dentures, this recovery period is important for the maintenance of good oral health.

Dr. Kaur will be able to advise you on exactly how long you need to wear your dentures for and how long you need to rest them. It is common for patients to be advised to wear brand new dentures overnight too. This is because prolonged wear gives specialists the clearest indication of which parts of the denture need adjusting. If you wear a new set of dentures overnight and a part of your mouth is tender in the morning, it probably needs adjusting.

How Am I Supposed To Care For My Dentures?

Caring for your dentures is very important as it significantly prolongs the denture’s life. Learn more about caring tips for your denture in our blog post.

What is Denture Replacement? Where Can I get Denture Replacement in Pittsburgh?

As you age, your mouth and jaws change shape – bones and gums naturally shrink and recede. This affects the denture’s fit – which can cause infections or sores. When your denture cannot be fixed by relining or other repairs, you need to replace your denture with a new one. It is recommended that you replace your dentures every 5 to 7 years. 

Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel is the best place for denture replacement in Pittsburgh.

Is Denture Replacement Covered by Insurance?

Most dental insurance providers cover denture replacement once every 5 year. Please confirm with your insurance provider regarding the terms and conditions for denture replacement.

Is it Possible to Get Tooth Extraction and Denture in Same Day?

Yes. It is possible to get tooth pulled and dentures in same day. Learn more about same day tooth extractions and dentures in Pittsburgh here.  These types of dentures are called immediate dentures. Learn about immediate dentures here.

Why Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel is the Best Place to Get Dentures In Pittsburgh?

When choosing a denture’s dentist you want to make sure the dentist has patience, skills, eye for perfection and is transparent. Dr. Kiran Kaur is a highly accomplished leading expert for dentures and partials. Getting a denture requires multiple visits where the dentist takes impressions, customizes and adjusts the denture for fit. Dr. Kaur is dedicated to making superbly fitted denture that is comfortable to wear. She uses only the latest materials on the market and works with the best labs in country. Many patients say Dr. Kaur is the best dentures dentist in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Kaur believes in transparent practices. That is why she has provided the cost range that you can expect for a denture.


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