2 Reasons Why You Need Denture Repairs?

Dentures are a part of life as people become old. More than 50% of Americans above 65 years of age wear dentures. They are made to be sturdy and durable. However, over time your dentures may need repairs. There are two main reasons why even the best made dentures may need repairs over time.

1. Change in Denture Fit Over Time

When you get  new dentures the dentist makes sure that the denture base fits perfectly with your gums. However, over time you gums may change shape as you age, and the denture may not fit the gums the same way as before leading to an improper fit. Another reason for improper fit is that the denture may thin over time. Improper fit can lead to serious health issues and should not be ignored. The teeth may end up grinding against each other leading to fractures, cracks, chips or loss.  This would affect your ability to chew your food which can also lead to digestive or stomach disorders affecting your quality of life.

2. Fracture or Broken Dentures

Accidents can happen anytime. And accidentally dropping the denture on ground is one of the main reasons why people who wear dentures need denture repairs. While dentures are strong, they will break on impact if they fall on ground. Sometimes, the fall may fracture the denture or break it. Other times, it may break or loosen some of the false teeth or chip them. These damaged dentures then become useless unless you get them repaired by an expert dentist.

While it is easy for you to notice that you denture is broken, missing teeth or fractured, it is very hard to figure out that the denture lacks a proper fit. The fit changes over time and you may not realize it. As a result, it is very important that you schedule regular six month visits with your dentist to examine your dentures. You can also follow certain tips discussed here to care for your denture to increase their life and minimize need for denture repairs.

Denture Repairs are a dental emergency and you should seek out a dentist specialist who work on dentures. If you are in Pittsburgh and need denture repairs, you can contact  Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel  at 412.406.8100. We provide same day denture repairs.  Your dentures are repaired while you wait.  Else, you can drop you dentures for pick up later in the day.


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