Root Canal Treatment vs. Tooth Extractions - What is Right For You?

A common question among many of our Pittsburgh patients is whether to choose root canal treatment or go for tooth extraction. We will discuss here the factors that go into determining whether to go for root canal therapy or tooth extraction. It is always preferred to save your natural teeth. Natural teeth provide numerous advantages which false teeth or even implants cannot. Let us us look at the pros and cons. 

How does Root Canal Treatment Save a Tooth?

A root canal — or, more accurately, a root canal treatment or root canal therapy — is a required dental procedure for when the soft inner tissue of the tooth, the pulp, is inflamed or infected. This can occur because of decay, when a tooth becomes chipped, cracked or otherwise injured, or even on account of continual dental procedures to that tooth. A root canal treatment is very often a workable, and even practical, method of saving a tooth and preventing tooth extraction.

A root canal treatment involves removing the inner damaged pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the remaining tooth, and then filling in and sealing that tooth. Once the canals are cleaned and sealed, the tooth is saved from future infections. 

What are the Benefits of Saving a Tooth?

The reason for saving a tooth by way of a root canal treatment is because that natural tooth still offers benefits in your mouth. For example, it can help anchor other neighbouring teeth, and it might also be required for setting a bridge, where an artificial tooth is fastened between two natural teeth.

Can We Always Save a Tooth?

We should always try to save the tooth. However, in some cases a tooth cannot be saved. Severe fractures or deep extensive cavities that prevent the tooth from being saved can result in your dentist’s decision to extract that severely damaged tooth. For instance, a tooth that has a crack that extends well below the gum line often requires extraction. Each case is different and your dentist can evaluate and tell you whether your tooth can be saved.

Root Canal Treatment in Pittsburgh

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