Why Patients Prefer a Female Dentist in Pittsburgh?

According to American Dental Association there were 199,486 dentists working in united States. Of which, 32.3% are female.  This is a huge increase from  close to less than 10% of dentists being female even in the late 90s.  However, it is not surprising that most patients prefer going to a female dentist over a male dentist. People have several different reasons for seeking out a female dentist. Let us look at them:

Reason 1. Female Dentists Are Better Listeners

Studies have shown that women are better listeners than men, so patients feel comfortable that a female dentist will hear their concerns. A team from Cambridge University has found key differences between the brains of men and women. In women, parts of the brain linked to the emotions, calculating risks, and the ability to listen were more prominent.

Reason 2. Female Dentists Are More Compassionate and Gentle

Many patients see females as more nurturing and compassionate than men, and choose a female dentist with the idea that she will comfort them during a process many patients fear. Most children feel more comfortable with women because of their compassion and hence prefer to go to a female dentist.

Reason 3. Women Prefer Dentist of Same Gender

For many female patients, the comfort of having a dentist of the same gender is the most important factor. For some, it’s a matter of hand size. Women typically have smaller hands, making it less uncomfortable for patients to have them in their mouth.

There are several female dentists in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Dr. Kiran Kaur of Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel is one of the leading female dentists in Pittsburgh.  Patients can schedule an appointment online or by calling (412) 406-8100. 

Dr. Kaur does not strive for recognition as a great female dentist, she wants people to know her as a great dentist, period. She has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education to provide her patients with the best in preventive and cosmetic dentistry. The doctor focuses on making her patients comfortable with little touches like providing blankets for her patients who get cold in the office, and bigger things like the latest in dental technology. In Dr. Kaur you will find a highly skilled, caring dentist who will do whatever it takes to keep your smile looking gorgeous.


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