What is Denture Replacement?

Dentures are a part of life as people become old. More than 50% of Americans above 65 years of age wear dentures. As you age, your mouth and jaws change shape – bones and gums naturally shrink and recede. This affects the denture’s fit – which can cause infections or sores. When your denture cannot be fixed by relining or other repairs, you need to replace your denture with a new one. It is recommended that you replace your dentures every 5 to 7 years. 

What are the Signs That I May Need a Denture Replacement?

According to American College of Prosthodontics, your partial and complete dentures should be evaluated for replacement if one of the following conditions occur. 

  1. Chronic irritation beneath the denture bases.
  2. When denture adhesive must be used more than once every day or you need denture adhesive to eat properly.
  3. If you cannot or will not wear removable prostheses.
  4. If the removable prostheses have degraded sufficiently to lead to prosthesis instability, loss of retention, loss of esthetics, loss of support, inability to eat, or if the prostheses or prosthetic teeth are discolored, cracked, broken, or missing.
  5. If the teeth supporting a removable partial denture or overdenture are lost.
  6. If the prosthesis has been in function for more than 5 years.

Of course, these are only some of the signs that indicate you require denture replacement. It is highly recommended that you get your dentures examined by your dentist regularly.

Does Insurance Covers Denture Replacement?

Most dental insurance providers cover denture replacement once every 5 year. Please confirm with your insurance provider regarding the terms and conditions for denture replacement.

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