Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel Takes GEHA Connection Dental Insurance

Are you looking for a dentist that accepts Geha Connection dental insurance in Pittsburgh, Pa? Well, look no further. Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel is in-network with Geha Connection Federal Dental Insurance. You can take full advance of your Geha Connection plan at Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel. Our knowledgeable, experienced team will help you make the most of your benefits from your very first dental appointment.

GEHA Connection Insurance Coverage and Availability

If you’re covered by a GEHA Connection Dental Federal insurance plan, we are here to help you make the most of your available insurance benefits. These plans work a little differently than other PPO dental insurance policies, but many of the same dentistry services receive coverage. GEHA dental policies are very detailed, but we don’t expect you to go through every page with a fine-toothed comb. As an in-network dentist, we can do that for you! We are familiar with the covered treatments, and we can help you receive the highest percentage of benefits for all the dental care you need. Most importantly, we’ll review your coverage policies and take all the stress of processing your dental benefit claims off your shoulders.

What are the Different Plans Under GEHA Dental Network?

As present, there are six main GEHA Dental plans available:

  • High Option – Self Only
  • High Option – Self Plus One
  • High Option – Self and Family
  • Standard Option – Self Only
  • Standard Option – Self Plus One
  • Standard Option – Self Plus Family

GEHA Connection dental providers offer a 4-tier level of service, with Basic, Intermediate, Major and Orthodontic care available.

Like other federal dental programs, GEHA Connection Dental has co-insurance and copayments in place, along with annual benefit maximum amounts, in-network perks (including teeth whitening) and much more. Each individual plan offers various coverage levels for family members, covered services and out-of-pocket expenses. Regardless of your particular GEHA Connection Dental plan, rest assured that your coverage is accepted at Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel.


If you are looking for a dentist that takes Geha Connection Dental insurance in Pittsburgh, you can contact  Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel  at 412.406.8100. We are the best dentist in Pittsburgh who is in-network with Geha Connection Dental Plan.


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