The Best Pittsburgh Dentist in the Area

No matter what type of dental care you need it’s always a good idea to seek out the best dentist. Dr. Kiran Kaur is consistently recognized by her peers and patients as the best dentist in Pittsburgh. She is routinely recommended by her patients, who appreciate her combination of dental expertise and extraordinary commitment to care. Although being recognized as a “Top Pittsburgh Dentist” is always nice, she prides her-selves on the meaningful relationships she makes with her patients, their families and their friends. Here are 6 top reasons what makes Dr. Kaur the best dentist for her patients:

1. Great Listener

Dr. Kaur is an excellent listeners, so patients feel comfortable that she hears their concerns. 

2. Compassionate and Gentle

She is nurturing and compassionate. These qualities allow her to comfort patients during a process many fear. Most children feel more comfortable with her because of her compassion and hence prefer to go to her.

3. Respects Patient's Time

At Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel, we make sure we do not overbook any slots during the day. This ensures us to minimize any  wait time. Our goal every day is  to have a zero wartime for our patients.

4. Long Term Relationships With Patients

Dr. Kaur deeply cares about her patients and builds long term relationships with her patients. 

5. Never Upsells

You can be sure that ate Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel you will never be uphold anything. 

6. Educates Patients

Dr. Kaur believes in educating patients about their dental health. This not only help them feel comfortable about the treatment they are receiving but also helps them in improving their oral health in future.

Dr. Kaur does not strive for recognition as a great female dentist, she wants people to know her as a great dentist, period. She has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education to provide her patients with the best in preventive and cosmetic dentistry. The doctor focuses on making her patients comfortable with little touches like providing blankets for her patients who get cold in the office, and bigger things like the latest in dental technology. In Dr. Kaur you will find a highly skilled, caring dentist who will do whatever it takes to keep your smile looking gorgeous.

There are several dentists in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Dr. Kiran Kaur of Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel is one of the leading dentists in Pittsburgh.  Patients can schedule an appointment online or by calling (412) 406-8100.


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