6 Tips for Eating and Drinking with Invisalign

Wondering what can you eat or drink with Invisalign? The answer is everything. Unlike traditional braces that have a lot of restrictions because of damaging the equipment, foods getting stuck, etc., Invisalign can be removed so you are free to eat and drink all the things you love. 

However, you should avoid eating or drinking while you are wearing the Invisalign aligners. Certain foods and drinks can damage the Invisalign trays, cause discoloration of the aligners and may also set in tooth decay. With so many different food and drink items out there, how do you know which foods and drinks may interfere with your Invisalign treatment? Read on to find out about six tips regarding eating and drinking that you should follow while wearing Invisalign aligners.

Foods to avoid Invisalign Pittsburgh

We recommend that our patients drink only cold or room temperature water while wearing Invisalign trays. For drinking any other beverage or eating any food they should remove the Invisalign trays. They should replace the Invisalign trays only after brushing and flossing their teeth.   


Sometimes it is not possible to remove the trays, or brush and floss many times a day particularly when you are at work. We provide below few tips that you can follow for eating and drinking while at work to minimize the chances of setting tooth decay, or tray damage or discoloration.

1. Dark Colored Beverages

One of the reasons why patients prefer Invisalign over braces is due to their discreteness. They are practically invisible. However, the Invisalign trays would become visible if they get stained. Dark colored beverages such as Coffee, Tea, Sodas and Red Wine can cause discoloration to the trays. Avoid consumption of the following beverages to a bare minimum while wearing Invisalign trays.

2. Dark Colored Fruits and Vegetables

Consumption of dark-colored fruits and veggies should be minimized while wearing Invisalign trays. Again, anything dark enough to stain a white shirt will stain the Invisalign trays. Here are some fruits and veggies that could stain Invisalign trays:


Purple cabbage






Spinach or other dark, leafy greens

3. Hard Foods and Candies

Completely avoid hard foods such as uncooked carrots and hard-shelled bread while wearing Invisalign trays. Also, don’t consume hard candies that can result in tartar buildup and tooth decay. Chewing hard foods and candies can make you exert undue pressure on Invisalign trays and can damage them. As a result, try to avoid hard foods and candies.

4. Sticky Candies and Foods

Avoid sticky candies like caramel and starbursts that will stick into your mouth and the aligners. Typically, the saliva in the mouth washes away the residue from sticky foods and candies in the mouth. However, if parts of these sticky foods or candies get trapped between your teeth and aligners, the saliva would not be able to wash them away. They will stay in contact with your teeth for a long time and can lead to tooth decay.

5. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a complete no-no while wearing Invisalign trays. The tugging and pulling action when chewing gum is one of the main reasons for Invisalign tray damage.

6. Very Hot and Very Cold Beverages

Extreme temperatures can not only hurt your mouth but also Invisalign trays.  


By avoiding certain foods and drinks that are known to stain your Invisalign or damage them, you can stay on tracks in your Invisalign Treatment progress. Combine this with strong oral health practices and you will have a beautiful and healthy set of teeth.

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