How Quickly Do Teeth Move With Invisalign?

Wondering  how long will to take before your Invisalign aligners start showing results? .Each custom-made aligner shifts your teeth gently and gradually into place. Invisalign will move your teeth horizontally, vertically and even rotate them, as needed. These aligners are engineered to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time. As you change your Invisalign aligners each week, your teeth will become progressively straighter. Each aligner tray is designed to move teeth very minimally.

Each of the aligners will move your teeth up to .33 millimetres before you pop in the next aligner. In short, you should expect to change aligners every week or two. 

During this gradual shift, your gums are reforming around each tooth. Once each tooth has been shifted into proper position, your gums will adhere snugly to the teeth. For optimal results, Invisalign gradually aligns your teeth, which minimizes discomfort and ensures a precise, healthy smile. It is unrealistic to see changes in one to two weeks. While result speed varies between patients, some patients may begin to notice a subtle difference within 10 to 12 weeks. Be patient, it WILL happen.

How can I make my teeth move faster with Invisalign?

The only way to ensure that Invisalign works in the fastest way possible is to wear the aligners for most of the day. By only taking them out to eat and brush your teeth, you are ensuring that the pressure exerted on your teeth is there all day long. This will guarantee they will move as fast as possible.

What affects speed of Invisalign treatment results?

The speed of treatment will vary since teeth shift at different rates for different people. Some people notice subtle changes after a few weeks, while others won’t see a difference for several months. Your results will also depend on the Invisalign treatment plan your dentist has prescribed, in addition to the complexity and severity of your orthodontic issues.

Even if you need only small corrections, Invisalign treatment can take considerably longer if you do not wear your aligners for the recommended 22 hours per day. The plastic trays are removable, which can make compliance a little tricky at times, but adhering to this one rule is crucial to see the fastest results.

Someone who wants to fix a small gap between the front teeth may see appreciable changes with Invisalign in as little as 10 weeks. Crowded teeth and very crooked teeth can take longer to correct. A lot will hinge on your dentist’s personalized treatment plan, and whether you are asked to wear SmartForce attachments to help the aligners apply the correct amount of force in the right direction.

Depending on your aesthetic goals and dental concerns, the Invisalign teeth-straightening process can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months, but there are some people who need less or more time to achieve desired results.


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