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Dr. Kiranpreet (Kiran) Kaur leads the Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel Practice. She is a highly accomplished dentist and was voted Pittsburgh's Top Dentist in 2019 with amazing patient reviews.

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As one of the top dental insurance providers in the Pittsburgh area, Cigna dental has top dentists like Dr. Kiranpreet Kaur in its provider network. Dr. Kaur accepts all Cigna Dental plans - Cigna DPPO, Cigna DEPO, Cigna Dental Indemnity, and Cigna DHMO. If you are looking for a top trusted dentist that accepts Cigna Dental insurance, please give us a call at 412.406.8100 to schedule an appointment.

Cigna Dental Dentist For Whole Family

Finding the right dental care provider for yourself and your family can be challenging, and can only get more difficult when you need to find a dentist that accepts your insurance. At Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel, we are a proud in-network provider of Cigna Dental insurance. To remain completely transparent with our dental care treatments and rates, we offer our clients some of the most comprehensive insurance acceptance policies in the Pittsburgh area. From routine dental check-ups to cosmetic work, our office offers a diverse range of advanced dental treatments to bring you quality care when it counts. We treat patients of all ages. As a result, you whole family can have the convenience of having the same dentist. When you need a top-notch Cigna Dental dentist, you can count on our team!

Cigna Dental Insurance at Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel

Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel is a TOTAL Cigna DPPO, Cigna DEPO, Cigna Dental Indemnity as well as Cigna DHMO (Cigna Dental Care) dental provider. As a Pittsburgh Cigna dentist, we work with Cigna to offer you excellent dentistry that meets your needs. Your Cigna dental insurance benefits will be accepted, and we will be happy to file your insurance claims and estimate your benefits for your convenience.

As an in-network partner of one of Nation’s largest and most reliable dental insurance providers, we are committed to maintaining our agreement with Cigna Dental to never charge policyholders more than the stipulated rate for included procedures. No matter your plan, we promise to give you the quality dental service you deserve.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cigna Dental Networks do you participate in?

fourCigna Dental insurance offers four national network based dental insurance programs. We participate in all of them. They are:

  •  Cigna DPPO (Dental Preferred Provider Organization)
  • Cigna DEPO (Dental Exclusive Provider Organization)
  • Cigna Dental Indemnity
  • Cigna DHMO (Cigna Dental Care)

What Type of Dental Treatments Are Covered By My Cigna Dental Insurance Plan?

Cigna dental insurance typically covers all necessary preventive and restorative services. Choosing an in-network dentist is highly recommended. There are no copays or deductibles for cleanings, routine x-rays, and more with in-network dentists. We are happy to answer any questions you have about your dental plan coverage. We will need your Cigna Dental member ID, date of birth and name to check your coverage with Cigna Dental. You can also determine which treatments are covered under your specific insurance plan by logging into your subscriber connection account. Different plans have different levels of coverage so it is important to ask upfront about what is covered by your exact dental plan.

How Often Should I Schedule A Check-Up & Teeth Cleaning?

We recommend scheduling teeth exams and cleanings twice per year. Most Cigna Dental insurance plans will cover these appointments completely or only cost you an inexpensive co-pay at the time of treatment. 

Do I Need An Estimate Before Having Dental Treatment Done?

It is important to get an estimate of the costs for your dental treatment before hand. We can help you determine your co-pay as well. Some dental insurance plans have a cap on the maximum amount that they will cover in a year. If you require extensive dental treatment it can exceed the maximum limit allowed. In that case, your co-pay can be substantial. You can talk to your Pittsburgh dentist to figure out if it would be possible to spread your treatments over time.  


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