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Emergency Dentist for Tooth Infection in Pittsburgh

Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel is the emergency dentist clinic to contact in Pittsburgh if you’re suffering from or think you have a tooth infection. We don’t want you to endure any type of tooth or jaw pain, which is why we’ll make sure you get much-needed relief and care as quickly as possible.

About Tooth Infections

An infection can cause minor discomfort, a throbbing sensation, or raging pain in a tooth and the surrounding gum tissue. A tooth may be infected if you experience swelling, pain, redness, and temperature sensitivity. Severe infections can cause a fever and can be dangerous to your overall health if not treated quickly. Tooth infections are caused by a number of factors, including cracked teeth and untreated tooth decay.

A tooth infection will not go away on its own, so it’s important to visit our clinic to receive treatment for the underlying cause. If you have an abscessed tooth, contact our office immediately for professional dental care. The longer you wait, the more pain you’ll be in. Plus, you’ll increase the likelihood of needing root canal treatment.

Treating An Infected Tooth

There are a few ways to approach tooth infection treatment, and what we recommend will depend on the severity of your particular situation. Sometimes, we are able to treat an infection with antibiotics and a root canal. Other times, more extensive treatment may be needed. If an infection has caused a lot of damage, we may need to remove the tooth entirely. Early treatment is the best way to avoid the need for tooth extraction, and our dental team will do everything possible to make sure your needs are addressed as fast as we can. 

Our number one goal is always to relieve your pain, followed by saving the tooth if we are able. Most times, we can provide treatment that will enable you to keep the tooth. A crown is often a good solution once we’ve completed root canal therapy. A crown helps support the tooth and protects it from future abscesses and infection.


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Dr. Kiran is simply awesome! She is the best dentist ever! She cares about her patients, very knowledgeable and explains everything very clearly. I have recommended Dr. Kiran to many friends, all who have switched to her love her just as much as I do.
- Beibei L
I have been a patient of Dr Kaur for a few years now. I am so thrilled she has now moved to Fox Chapel and opened her own practice. She is a very good dentist and really cares about her patients.She is the dentist for all of our family. Highly recommend her.
- Jesse S.
Dr. Kaur is a fantastic dentist. I saw her for an emergency dental extraction in the evening after 5. I called her office and they got me in right then. They did not make me wait at all which was amazing. She and her staff genuinely cares for their patients. After I reached home, Dr. Kaur called me up to check on how I was doing. Best dentist ever.
-Sada S.

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Emergency Calls Answered Till 7:30 PM on All Days


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